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Quiero Chat – Video Chat fun in Spanish

QuieroChatWith a healthy mix of Spanish speaking and other international users, Quierochat is the most popular Spanish alternative video chat site based on chatroulette theme. The roulette features first appeared on this site in 2011, though the website originated in 2008. The current number of users online at any time though is low in comparison to other alternative son this list but still is close to a thousand. The popularity has already surpassed Spanish speaking population and included other international speakers too.

This site is a very good example of implementation of the original idea without tweaking it around. This has helped Quierochat retain all the original goodness of chatroulette. The developers have been delivering a very good speed of the application and even offer it in many languages, though the usage rate is highest among Spanish speaking population. The number of users though less but provide a good niche for people specifically willing to video chat in Spanish. The site has not put forward any additional features to lure more users but still enjoys a good deal of popularity among its current users.

On the other hand, the interface of the site can definitely be improved to make it more user-friendly and straightforward. When there is just one primary offering i.e. the roulette application the site owners should ensure that the interface helps users get to it easily.

Control over advertisements will also act as a positive as the speed of the site can be further improved by doing so. Overall, this is the site for anyone and everyone who is looking forward to chatting with Spanish speaking people.