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How Chatroulette Works

Sites like chatroulette are extremely popular and fairly new phenomena in the social media arena that have taken the world by a storm. Since its inception by the founder Andrey Ternovskiy, this concept has captured the imagination of many due to its innovative, easy to use and highly interactive nature. Essentially it provides a platform where complete strangers or friends can chat, using text-chat, audio or even video medium at any time. This technology relies heavily on another equally transformative technology; that is the web camera which is also a relatively new technology. By using a web camera on ones computer, they can login into one of these websites and connect spontaneously with a stranger without having to provide any personal or background information to enjoy the service.

How it works

The sites like chatroulette concept are mainly designed to ensure that people make important or casual connections with individuals across the world without the need of a sophisticated medium. When it was introduced by the 17 year old Russian teenager, this platform was very permissive with users not needing any registration to use the features on the website. Indeed all one needed was a confirmation that they are at least 16 years of age and that they would not post any adult material during their chats. However with time due to a number of challenges, this has since changed as most users are required to register for free before using the site. Once an individual has registered with an appropriate username they can then proceed to create a profile that says something about them. The ‘about me’ section is particularly handy as it allows one to write extensively about themselves including their hobbies, interests and career among other details. Users are also allowed to upload images into this section which further enhances their user experience at such websites.

Additionally this and many such websites use the popular Adobe flash player to access the web cams on the user’s computer and connect them to their chat companions. It also uses the highly effective and easy to use Flash to peer capabilities with the real time messaging protocol also known as the RTMP. This technology requires no server space and can thus be used by many different people in very different geographical regions without costing any money.

Benefits of using sites like chatroulette

Sites like chatroulette are extremely popular especially amongst young people who tend to use these sites for socialization. For the first time ever anyone from young people to teenagers can make random and spontaneous connections with complete strangers across the world and proceed to share information about themselves and their lives. This extremely modern concept of communication has gained a lot of traction in recent years mainly because it opens up a lot of opportunities and anyone can use it. Generally shy and reserved people can use this method to create human connections that largely alleviate their loneliness especially in this age of fast paced lifestyles. Indeed most individuals have created very meaningful and long lasting friendships and contacts that have helped them in many other aspects of their lives.

Apart from the chance of making a connection with a complete stranger’s websites that enable random chat are also very easy to use. These websites usually require little or no work from the users in most cases just requiring them to register with a username and email. This means that anyone can enjoy an impromptu chat anywhere at any time without having to pay or honor some convoluted security internet requirements needed on most online forums. Indeed anyone with a web cam can easily use this platform at any time without the need of any technical knowhow or complicated hardware. This has opened up this type of platform to a large number of people from very different regions and walks of lives which further enriches the experience offered.

Its versatility is another notable feature that clearly sets the sites like chatroulette apart. These forums are very versatile as one can integrate their contacts with many other social media forums. In most cases creators of such sites have ensured that one can connect to forums such as facebook at any time without worrying about compatibility. Indeed one can use their contact list from facebook to connect to their friends at any time. Additionally one can keep track of their previous chat contact list in case they change username or hop over to another website that offers the same random chat modules. This means that after establishing an extensive contact list one does not have to lose it.

While using the sites like chatroulette most people are usually wowed by their great capabilities that enrich even the simplest of chats. This ease in use of versatility has made such websites very popular especially for social and casual interactions. However to fully enjoy this experience one should always ensure that follow the administrators guidelines regarding age and content at all times.