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Flipchat – Video chat with specific search

FlipchatStarting its journey in mid 2000’s, Flipchat was launched in 2004 but did not include the chatroulette feature until much later. It was probably running very different kind of chatting/non-chatting features up until then. In comparison to other top contenders on this list, Flipchat seems a little on the low end when it comes to number of users but this does not hinder the prospects of finding newer people to chat with at any time. Chatroulette is probably the feature which turned this site around and has helped them get their feet off the ground a little bit.

Looking specifically at the chatroulette application, Flipchat distinctly offers many additional features within this as compared to other sites featuring on this list. There is a clear search to filter out the gender that the user is seeking and to further refine your search, you can enter the specific country to which the random person might belong, if you wish to do so.

It is a bit of a mystery as to why even with bonus features, the site is not able to gain as many followers as its competitors and has not yet found a stable rank in the video chatting industry. The features should be able to generate an interest among the users. The only possibility that comes to my mind is perhaps the focus on features has led the owners of the site to believe that they are going to sell themselves.

There is a definite potential and with a better number of users, the site can quickly gain higher levels of growth. The owners just need to focus on developing more arenas to get people talking about it. The current users can also be persuaded to share it using the social media sharing buttons available on the site.