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ChatRad – Most recent Chatroulette

ChatradThe youngest member of video chatting industry to feature on this list is Chatrad. It started off this year (2013) only in the month of May. This novelty is as much a good thing as it might seem like a hurdle to be crossed. Though there are still a low number of users but always adequate numbers of users are online for you to find someone to get connected to and start chatting.

An interface which quickly loads sets Chatrad in the league of sites preferred for their speedy connections. At present, English is the only language that Chatrad is available in and there do not seem to be other languages that the users can choose from.

This, if anything, is just an aspect to improve upon for Chatrad. By securing a few more users, the site can look forward to expanding itself to other languages and markets to give its competitors a run for their money. This site is a recent launch so not a lot can be said as to its performance; there is still a lot of history to be developed.

The best outlook for us will be to give it a few months time and do a review again to check the progress. A word of advice from us would be to keep it interesting at chatrad. This could be done through regular updates, tweaking the design every now and then and by bringing the much in demand features to users. Here is wishing you a great future!