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Chatbazaar Video Chat Room Site

ChatbazaarWith an international name like Chatbazaar, this site was launched in 2007. Though not many details are out on this site, there seems to be a good level of popularity maintained by this site over the years and their ranking on the video chatting industry seems to be on the rise. The users can always find an interesting mix of connections available online from the overall several hundred users online at any time.

The chatroulette feature’s availability is a little over shadowed by the group cam feature on the site but still owing to its recognition, we have decided to feature this site on the list of chatroulette based random video chat sites. Both the features, namely, private one on one chatting and doing a live stream to a group containing multiple users are available to users without any registration.

This site maintains a fair amount of English speaking users so it’s easier to find someone anyone can communicate with and the fast loading interface makes it even more convenient.

The regular high number of users online at Chatbazaar depict a goof following of daily users of the site and the free features are a hit among the current users while are working effectively to further build the user base. A small concern that cropped up in my mind while visiting the site was a slight lack on the part of moderators. With a little improvement, this site can remove such drawbacks which might put off some of its users. Despite this tiny hiccup, the site gets a green light for all the users looking forward to trying it out.