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CamZap – Video Chatting on a Social Network

CamZapEver met a stranger on video chatting website whom you wanted to befriend for life? We often make friends with some of the most unexpected people at unexpected places; after all, friendships are not forced but come from your heart. This was perhaps the thought process of its moderators when CamZap decided to provide an option to users to not only connect with random strangers via video chatting but also to stay connected with them if they wish to.

Starting off in 2006 as a plain ChatRoulette based random video chatting website and being the best at it, CamZap took a turn into blending the features of a community of users who wanted to stay connected and started providing features to accept and send friend requests to its users in 2009. The ‘ZAP’ feature to connect with a stranger though sounds interesting but communities require trust building and commitment whereas random video chatting has always been more of a ‘now’ thing.

A fun way to stream your live video and watch other live shows mixed with a community certainly requires much more moderation; this is evident from the dropping number of users of CamZap. The major concern, of course, remains the fact that CamZap streams your video to public so a registered user with his/her ‘Camera turned On’ has to be extra careful while using the website.

Another worrisome aspect is the advertising for other cam streaming and video chatting sites on CamZap which shows a clear lack of attention by moderators.

A one of its kind idea like this can definitely interest and retain more users with just a little improvement so as to become the best again.