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Video Chat US – New and secure Chatroulette Alternative

Video Chat USVideo Chat US is perhaps the most secure chatroulette or video chat alternative featuring on this list. The site which was launched in 2011 has grown to have a reasonable user base, quantity wise. Out of its current user base, majority is non-US based. But this does not decrease the number of users online at any time, the number of users online is fair and ensures availability of options all the time.

Though the name of the site contains US, it will act as a misnomer for anyone who thinks that the site is based in United States. It is overseas based but the name highlights a clear intention of the site owners to target the users who speak English and are based in United States.

The speed of the site is commendable and contributes to maintaining a good ratio of online users that you can seek to connect with. There are no extra/fringy features other than the original chatroulette application. This might seem like a drawback in comparison to other sites but in fact just makes me wonder if that is the reason that they were able to maintain a focus on developing such an easy to use interface which looks cool too. The steady growth is evident from the gradual, but still happening, increase in the number of users.

The reason why I called this site to be highly secure is due to the strictness and quick action taken by the moderators to immediately check any cam not following the rules of the site. This is unquestionably a major attraction for the users who are tired of unwanted advertisement or bogus cams on other similar sites.

Streamberry – ChatRoulette and More

StreamberryFrom simple interactions to group discussions, man being a social animal has always craved for a feeling of connectedness. The new era of video chatting websites is fulfilling this desire within the comfort of your home. With growing competition in the video chatting industry, users are bombarded with a wide range of choices often not very different from one another thus making it difficult for you to decide which one might be better than the other.

Streamberry comes as a relief from this decision making and just one look at the website highlights it’s innovative, easy on the eyes interface for the users looking for unique video chatting websites.

Based on the Chatroulette theme, Streamberry recently did a whole redesigning of the website and added features like live cams and cam girls to give users a different experience over the other chatroulette based random video chatting websites. You can view and stream yourself with live cams or have a cam to cam chat as per your own preference. With an ever increasing number of users online, you will always have an option to connect to someone you like.

With the improvements in design and unique features, Streamberry promises a lot more to come for its users and is definitely one of the websites to look out for in the future. A huge percentage of its users are based in United States and thus it provides an excellent choice to users wanting to video chat in English. By including more countries soon (hopefully, we are sure they are working on it!), Streamberry will be able to surpass its competition very easily.

RouletteChat – Another French alternative video chat

RouletteChatWith a name sounding so similar to the original chatroulette, Roulettechat is a steady contender on this list and has consistently given a good performance since its launch in 2010. The user base is competitive to its rivals and there is always a new connection possible with whom you can chat. by a simple click of the next button.

The similarities to Bazoocam are uncanny and highlight the fact that perhaps the ownership of these two sites is shared. There are features other than chatroulette provided by the developers and webmasters but these do not seem to have gained a comparable popularity thus are mostly ignored by the users. Looking at the site’s user base, a major chunk of its users is formed by French speaking population of the world.

Despite its availability in other languages, the popularity in United States and other European countries is very low. This huge French speaking user base has limited this chatroulette alternative site to being a French alternative video chat site mostly.

This limitation has actually worked in Roulettechat’s favor and turned it into one of the most sought after sites in France as tons and thousands of French speaking people are available online at any time. This one is definitely worth a click and look. The site can improve vastly by a better quality as well as quantity of moderators to check exasperating advertisements and underage people who might be misusing the site. It would be best if the site owners can take an action before Roulettechat starts loosing users like Bazoocam.

Quiero Chat – Video Chat fun in Spanish

QuieroChatWith a healthy mix of Spanish speaking and other international users, Quierochat is the most popular Spanish alternative video chat site based on chatroulette theme. The roulette features first appeared on this site in 2011, though the website originated in 2008. The current number of users online at any time though is low in comparison to other alternative son this list but still is close to a thousand. The popularity has already surpassed Spanish speaking population and included other international speakers too.

This site is a very good example of implementation of the original idea without tweaking it around. This has helped Quierochat retain all the original goodness of chatroulette. The developers have been delivering a very good speed of the application and even offer it in many languages, though the usage rate is highest among Spanish speaking population. The number of users though less but provide a good niche for people specifically willing to video chat in Spanish. The site has not put forward any additional features to lure more users but still enjoys a good deal of popularity among its current users.

On the other hand, the interface of the site can definitely be improved to make it more user-friendly and straightforward. When there is just one primary offering i.e. the roulette application the site owners should ensure that the interface helps users get to it easily.

Control over advertisements will also act as a positive as the speed of the site can be further improved by doing so. Overall, this is the site for anyone and everyone who is looking forward to chatting with Spanish speaking people.

Omegle – Before the Original ChatRoulette

OmegleAmong the giants in the video chatting industry, Omegle has a rich history and the uniqueness of being the only chatroulette video chatting application launched even before the chat roulette. Since its inception in July 2008, the site has grown leaps and bounds and currently provides tons of thousands of users available online to chat at any time. It still retains and enjoys a top position among random video chatting websites due to consistent good performance and ever increasing number of users over the years.

The site has not experimented a lot with the original video chatting application and even though the original chatroulette application saw a greater initial success but keeping true to the saying that slow and steady wins the race, Omegle has slowly grown and risen to establish itself among the top most players in the worldwide video chatting industry.

Based on hugely successful Google Translate interface, Omegle offers its services in every language on the face of the earth. Another unique feature is the search using which the users can search for and connect with users who have interests similar to them.

The immensely unique feature that is a definite attraction to its users is the fact that even celebrities visit this website and this has led to the site being featured among thousand most visited sites at a global level. With the rich history, strong presence and growing rankings are an obvious indication that this player is here to stay for a very long time.