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All about Chatroulette

Since this online chat website was launched in late 2009, it has grown from a mere 20 members to over 8.5 million people. It is one of the websites that shows that people are really looking for a way to chat with friends, colleagues and family. There are numerous features that come with this chat site most of which help in making the content and the experience more enjoyable for all who use it. Chatroulette uses videos, texts and even audio. There is a lot of freedom enjoyed by the users of this chat site unlike with the many of the other chat rooms in the world.

This online chat website was developed and unveiled by Andrey Ternovsky. He is also the owner of the site. Initially he worked on the site for two full days and having been helped with a soft loan of $10,000 by the parents, he was able to develop one of the world’s leading video chat websites. Many people have found their place when it comes to chatting because Chatroulette allows them to initiate random chats with anyone and also give them the authority and the capacity to end the chat with just a click of the button.

Many of the chat websites that exist today have a defined purpose. Many of these websites are meant to help people meet someone either for a relationship, a date or just chatting. As for this website, it is upon the user to decide what they want. There is no specific agenda that the website has. For this reason, it is possible to find all manner of content in here. In fact as the owner was quoted saying once, the website is a whole new world where people get to explore and make new experiences.

With the freedom being granted indiscriminately, Chatroulette has had a share of its problems as far as pornography and internet bullying is concerned. Given that more than a 30% of the users and minors, the website has developed software that detects the amount of nudity a person has. If too much nudity is detected then such person is automatically flagged.

Still, there is a ‘report’ button that allows other users to employ if they think a person has gone overboard in using abusing profane language pornography. In order to ensure that more and more people get to use without any worry this website, a terms and conditions agreement has been developed which has to be signed by everyone.