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Sites Like Chatroulette

When the 17 year old Andrey Ternovsky, created the Chatroulette even he could not have foreseen its unprecedented rise in popularity then. This simple platform was manually developed by a discerning teen that saw the value of interacting with people from different walks of life and cultures. Given the importance of the internet and its ability to bring the world to the living rooms and offices of so many people; it is a wonder that no one had thought of this concept before then. Initially it only received very light traffic with only about 500 users every day. However, today this website and many others like it enjoy millions of users each and every day. This has made them a force to be reckoned with on the internet in recent years; more so within the social media arena.

In most cases sites like chatroulette use the popular random chat feature which enables an individual or a group of individuals to interact on a chat using text-chat, audio or video media. As long as one has a well working personal computer fitted with a webcam they can enjoy any such site at any time or place. Other features that have made this technology into such a popular hit especially with the young people includes its laid back easy to use concept which enables users to create profiles, upload photos and interact cheaply and freely on wide range of forums such as windows, android and iphones. The following are some of the most popular websites that use this random chat concept very successfully.

Omegle is one of the most popular sites like chatroulette on the internet today. This website is one of the pioneers of the random chatting trend and they offer lots of attractive features for their users. Once one has registered with an appropriate username they stand to enjoy many handy features including the option of creating a detailed profile complete with images and photos. Additionally one can join any type of chat from single to group chats that are very interactive and real-time. Another notable feature offered by this particular platform includes the spy chat that allows a user to pose a question and spy on the response of a few other users via video or text chat.

Another popular member of the sites like chatroulette club is the Chatrandom site. This website although relatively new in this competitive arena has grown rapidly in recent times. Like most other sites offering random chat with complete strangers this websites is very popular with all types of people. It comes with a bevy of very attractive features that apply the highly sophisticated video and audio chat technology.

Camrandom is a websites that is a lot like the popular chat roulette site. This website applies the same random chat with strangers at any time or place. It applies highly interactive software that makes it very easy to use especially with video and audio chatting. When looking to enjoy a truly enchanting and exciting chat with people across the globe one should check out any of these highly interactive and effective random chat platforms of sites like chatroulette.

The concept of random chat has become extremely popular in recent years particularly in social media. This method of making random and spontaneous connections with very random people has changed the way people interact on the internet. Armed with a web cam and a username anyone can make a very enriching connection with an individual in a very different location at any time without worrying about cost or compatibility. Additionally on most of these sites users are afforded an unmatched level of practicability and flexibility with a wide range of very handy and interactive features. Features such as the popular profile section and the ability to upload images onto ones profile has also further enriched the overall experience of most users on these websites. The following are main feature that clearly sets sites like chatroulette apart from the other numerous websites on the social media arena.


The main feature that clearly sets the sites like chatroulette apart from the many other websites and web forums on the internet is the random nature of the connections and interactions. These sites are designed in a way that enables people to randomly choose an appropriate chat companion without having to pass through any introductions or other social graces. This method means that anyone can make a connection with anyone else without an formal introduction. These random natures of most such web sites have made them very popular as it tends to add a fascinating air of intrigue and adventure to the whole experience. Indeed the founder of this concept largely relied on their random nature to attract new users and keep them coming back for more over time.

Easy technology

In most cases all one needs to use sites like chatroulette is a personal computer with a working web cam and they are good to go. No technical knowledge is needed on the part of the user for them to fully understand and use these forums. Additionally the technology behind these forums is very cheap as it requires no convoluted investment in either storage or hardware. The use of the popular real time message technology has further ensured that this concept is not only highly practical but also very cheap in the long run. This helps the providers of such services to offer them for free to as many people as they would like.

Use of webcam

For such a website to be functional and practical one must have a web cam. These are hardware applications that usually come with the personal computer. Although many computer manufacturers previously opted to leave this feature out of their gadgets this has since radically changed over the years. This application has become very important while communicating over the internet and its use in the sites like chatroulette in completely necessary. Other features that have been the hall mark of such sites include their group chat capabilities which usually enable more than one person to participate in a given chat. Other notable features of most sites like chatroulette include their ability to apply many modern applications from iphones to android and windows platforms among others.

List of Sites That Are Like Chatroulette

ChatRandom – Popular Random Video Chat

chatrandom logoA very popular random video chatting website based on chatroulette theme providing you with a completely free way to talk to people online, ChatRandom’s success rate can be recognized by looking at the number of people online at any time. It is completely up to you to choose who you really want to spend your time chatting with and it’s as easy as one click of a button. The services are available without any sign up. While regular updates make it easier to use and offer better and improved features over other video chatting websites, an option to report any illegal conduct makes it a secure online destination to have fun.

Streamberry – ChatRoulette and More

Streamberry chat logoAn innovatively designed video chatting website with a sleek interface to provide unique user experience with a variety of features is the right description for Streamberry. With no registration, Streamberry is among top featuring video chat websites in United States. Other than ChatRoulette, features like Live Cams and Cam girls put it ahead of other similar sites, making it an ideal alternative. Chat room feature on Streamberry allows you to chat to multiple people simultaneously and enjoy a group chat with people who have interests similar to you. It is one of the fastest growing video chatting websites and constantly maintains a high traffic of users who are online.

CamZap – Video Chatting on a Social Network

CamZap logoAvailable in 9 different languages, CamZap is an interesting effort to bring together the features of a social network and a video chatting website. While like other random video chatting websites, you do not require registering but can simply click on start button to start connecting to people for a roulette chat, CamZap provides you an option to register and sign in to send or accept any friend requests to stay connected with people you want to befriend for a longer term. It is undoubtedly unique but is facing its share of struggles with lack of moderation. The overall rating of the site has seen its ups and downs is requires a thorough look into its feature of making you stream public.

Bazoocam – The Pioneer French Chatroulette

BazooCam logoWhile there are many video chatting sites cropping up nowadays, Bazoocam is one of the initiators at popularizing the idea of free video chatting website. Following the ChatRoulette theme, Bazoocam is an exact alternative in French language and instead of putting in extra features provides its French users with an exclusive platform to meet other French people. It is a simple chat application which has gained popularity, credited by the fact that the number of online users is always on the high end. Still, all hope is not lost for English speakers or natives. Due to its popularity, Bazoocam does have a segment of English speakers too.

Omegle – Before the Original ChatRoulette

Omegle logoOmegle is till date the single site which is based on chat roulette theme but was launched in 2008 before original ChatRoulette. The popularity of the this website surpasses many of its competitors and is apparent due to tons of thousands of users online at any time. The performance level, due to high traffic numbers, maintained by the website has time and again beaten the rivals. With unparalleled commitment to growing with time, Omegle has constantly drawn more and more number of users with passing time. Being offered in every language and regular updates of features contribute largely to it’s popularity.

FunYo – Social Network with Chatroulette

FunYo logoFunYo is also based on the idea of combining the features of a social network with a video chatting website. The difference between FunYo and other websites based on this hybrid concept is that this site lays more emphasis on community building and networking aspect rather than plain old video chatting. Empowered by a variety of features and an easy-breezy design, FunYo provides its users an opportunity to connect to like minded people much faster than other websites. The interface loads faster and the developers come up with newer designs every now and then. All in all, this is a site to depend on.

RouletteChat – Another French alternative video chat

RouletteChat logoRouletteChat is another popular website when we look at French based industry of video chatting. This site though has access to and presence in other European markets and English speaking countries like United States, still it has a strong hold only over French speaking users. The features are almost similar to Bazoocam due to probably same ownership and this is also the reason that even the drawbacks of this site are same as Bazoocam. Uncontrolled advertising and non-moderated filtering of users has lead to frustrating results for its users and loss of user base for the website. An action is required by the developers, still, the website is an experience worth having.

Video Chat fun in Spanish

QuieroChat logoQuieroChat is a video chatting website thriving on the most spoken language in the world, Spanish. The number of people in the world who are taking up learning and using Spanish fr whatever purpose is increasing day by day and QuieroChat is the perfect video chatting website for this vast amount of population of the world. Along with Spanish, other international users can also find users who speak languages other than Spanish. A low number of users online at any time is the primary drawback but still the website is an attractive destination if you like the Spanish language or Spanish speaking people.

Video Chat US – New and secure Chatroulette Alternative

Video Chat US logoThough the website contains US in its name, Videochat US is an overseas (outside US) based video chatting website and the name is a clear indication of it’s interest in building a user base of English speaking users who are either based in United States or anywhere in the world. The chat application is based on original chatroulette and does not provide any extra features but it does have a user friendly interface. The rules of this website make it a very secure platform for users seeking unadulterated online fun. The moderators of the site are very strict and quick to act.

iMeetzu – Chatroulette feature in a Social Network

iMeetzu logoiMeetzu is one of the old players that implemented the combination of social networking with highly popular video chatting websites. The user base is prmarly Englsh speaking population. The new and improved faster loading interface is a huge progress over the run of the mill chatroulette application which is being used by many competing websites. The new roulette application for video chatting in combination with social network features make iMeetzu a site worth checking out. This is also the main reason that the site is gaining back its lost followers which can be seen as the increasing number of users over the past few months.

Chatbazaar Video Chat Room Site

Chatbazaar logoChatBazaar has been around the video chatting industry much longer (since 2007) than the other sites but has not grown at a rate comparable to other sites. There is a regular user base which enables its users to always find a few hundred users online at any time. The interface is quite fast and a large ratio of English speaking users makes it a popular choice for users seeking easier options to communicate in English. The distinct feature of this website is its popularity among users seeking group cam chats; though the one on one private chat option is also available.

Flipchat – Video chat with specific search

Flipchat logoSo far, out of all the sites that we have featured on this list, Flipchat is perhaps the oldest and has been around since 2004. This is an indication that chatroulette revolution helped Flipchat to transform its services and ride high on the popularity of random and fun video chatting websites. Promising and with great potential, Flipchat is the odd one out with a good deal of features available for users interested in focused chatroulette experience. A small yet enough number of users are always available to chat online at any time. With a little push, this site can definitely gain more followers and leave others lurking behind; thanks to its variety of features.

Chatrad – Most recent Chatroulette

Chatrad logoChatRad is the youngest member out of all sites featuring on this list. Started in the month of May of 2013, Chatrad has already built a small user base which enables its users to connect with at least a few good connections at any time. A competitive interface loading speed and good features with an attractive design make the website a promising venture which can easily grab one of the top positions from its competitors which provide video chatting features based on chatroulette theme, especially to English speaking users. This is a recent addition to the industry and can definitely do a lot to attract more users as it has many previous examples to learn from.